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We have the expertise and technology to provide preventative health solutions for COVID-19  

Our tele-health mobile health application is designed to turn any smart phone into a:​

  • Quick, cheap and viable rapid pre-health screen test kit for COVID 19​

  • Shareable personal health record with real-time health data to enable effective home monitoring by your primary care physician.

By recording coughs and key health vital signs on the mobile application, artificial intelligence and pattern recognition can analyse the health data and sound frequencies to determine whether your cough is unique to the COVID 19 infection.


What we've done so far..

1.Dr Javier formed the idea of the Cough Detect project (Week 2 ofMarch 2020)

3.Analysed the data and built tools to help the clinical team to collect validated samples (Week 1 of April 2020)

5.Joint project agreed with Aequum Health Ltd (Week 1 of May 2020)

2.Cough Detect Project began linking with Hospitals across the Costal del Sol to collect clinically validated data (Week 4 of March 2020)

4. Cough Detect 1st MVP prototype developed (Week 3 of April 2020)

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