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Levelling the playing field in

Global Healthcare

Combining digital technology, biometric data, DNA analysis, public health education & targeted therapies to develop your personalised health programme, based on your diagnosis. 

A health service made from you.

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Image by National Cancer Institute
Aequum Health.png

A personal health programme made from you.

We are more than just a genetics report. With our Genetics Counsellors, together, we will look at: ​

  • Personal health data

  • biometrics

  • DNA analysis and

  • Genome code

to create your personal health programme, informed by you.

Our product 

A Telehealth service with a life course approach, focused on multi morbidity early health diagnosis, using your personal biometrics data, DNA analysis & genome sequencing . We do this by combining digital technology, public health education & targeted therapies to develop your personalised health programme, based on your diagnosis.

We collect 

DNA Swab

Cough sample


Blood works


Current health and personal data


Past health history


Family health history

Aequum Health.png

Managed by team of Healthcare & Data Science Professionals

Screen Shot 2020-05-31 at 18.37.02.png

Chief Innovation Officer

Dr Javier Andreu

Dr. Andreu-Perez is Senior Lecturer (tenured) in Human-Centred Artificial Intelligence, School of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering, University of Essex (UoE) and Chair of the Smart Health Technologies Group at UoE. He holds a PhD in Intelligent Systems from Lancaster University (Bowland College), MEng in Computer Science and MSc in Software Engineering from University of Granada.



Meuthia Endrojono Ellis


Healthcare Entrepreneur focussed on levelling the playing field in global healthcare by tackling the top non communicable diseases, through preventative care, digital technology, genome sequencing and DNA analysis. At the core of our mission, we want patients to never have to go into hospital unless absolutely necessary. Previously, I was an executive Board Level Health & Social Care Commissioner with over 10 years experience, overseeing multi million pound government contracts, accountable for Systems Transformation and Integration to improve service delivery & performance for local & regional health economies.


Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Handi Salim


Managing Director Indonesia

Arno Sajid


Proven track record in developing sustainable profit and non profit start ups in the areas of Information Technology, Eco Tourism and Construction across Indonesia.

Dr Salim graduated from the University of Birmingham medical school in 2012. He became a member of the Royal College of Physician UK in 2015. He is currently undertaking cardiology specialty training programme in the West Midlands deanery, UK. Throughout his training, he has participated in local practice-changing quality improvement projects, written abstracts, publications, and presented at both local and international conferences.

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